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Parallel Lines

Tracking Services

On their standard settings, our trackers send out data once a day providing you with the the physical position of your assets. On this setting, each tracker has a lifespan of 2-3 years. In the supply chain world, problems generally arise when items do not move for days or weeks at a time, and reporting more frequently results in premature losses to trackers and your investment.

Guardian knows that there are times when a report once a day is not enough. Guardian is experienced in utilizing the controls of its trackers to strategically increase ping rates, to the point that shipments can be seen in near real-time when needed.

Guardian has been able to use long-term trackers with great success to prevent and detect thefts, and has been able to use GPS data to have stolen loads be seized at Customs and Border Protection, all without a trailer number.

Long Term Tracking with Rapid Response When you Need it


Any company can sell trackers.  Guardian does more. One of the most common reasons for GPS program failures is improper installation, and Guardian is here to make sure your project launch goes smoothly.

Inadequate surface adhesion, improper installation in Faraday Shields, placement near fork points, and excessive water exposure all contribute to reduced performance or complete tracker failure. First time installations often see a 30-40% failure rate following installation.

Guardian has years of experience tagging containers, racks, and pallets, and can help you avoid the steep learning curves and costs associated with starting a new GPS tracking program by expertly performing your installation for you.

Professional Installation for Optimal Performance and Lifespan


Reading and understanding the data provided by a GPS tracking system is an art. While understanding what a single GPS ping means is easy, knowing what an atypical path means- and what to do about it- is a matter of expertise.

With years of experience in GPS data analysis and a deep understanding of the freight and manufacturing industry, Guardians knows the difference between a major issue and a normal deviation.

Guardian can also assist in using its tracking datato gather evidence for law enforcement and other agencies, and is experienced in setting trackers to obtain the intelligence required to leverage police involvement and get your assets back.

Experienced System Analysts

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