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Tracking Services

Guardian offers GPS, wifi, and cell tracking devices for your supply chain and can help you find the best methods for your company's specific needs.

Long Term Tracking with Rapid Response Clock icon by Freepix

Long Term Tracking with Rapid Response When you Need it

On their standard settings, our trackers send out data once a day, providing you with the physical position of your assets. Each tracker has a lifespan of 2-3 years on this setting. In the supply chain world, problems generally arise when items do not move for days or weeks, and reporting more frequently results in premature losses to trackers and your investment.

Guardian knows that sometimes a report once a day is not enough. Guardian is experienced in utilizing the controls of its trackers to strategically increase ping rates so that shipments can be seen in near real-time when needed.

Guardian has successfully used long-term trackers to prevent and detect unauthorized movements and GPS data to recover improperly directed assets en route.

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