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Environmental Sustainability

Guardian's services make your supply chain faster, less costly, and more secure by getting the most out of your returnables, returning assets to your supply chain, cutting off sources of loss, and substantially reducing the need for unplanned expendables.

Environmental Under-performance of Reusable Packaging is Common
Reusable packaging, in theory, should always be superior to single use expendable packaging. However, to be effective, packaging must stay within the loop long enough and make enough trips to
provide a cost benefit and environmental benefit compared to expendables.

Sadly, many companies suffer from so much loss and unintended misuse of their containers that they actually lose reusable packaging at such an extreme rate that expendables are the cheaper and more environmentally-friendly option.

Even when containers are not being lost, problems with supply chain efficiency can make reusable packaging inefficient. Most notably, when suppliers and other locations hoard your packaging and carriers hold onto loads of your assets, the overall size of the fleet must be greatly increased to cover the slow movement of containers, which counters the environmental benefit of the reusable packaging.

Guardian Gets the Maximum Benefit out of Your Reusable Packaging

Guardian addresses container efficiency issues by reducing container loss, increasing container velocity, and securing supply chain vulnerabilities. Guardian's services help you get the most out of your reusable packaging and meet both your environmental and budget goals. Guardian will get your network closer to model efficiency than any other company and make your environmental goals a reality.

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