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Guardian offers professional services for your reverse logistics system that no other company can. Guardian provides top-to-bottom assistance in making your supply chain secure, profitable, resilient, and environmentally positive.

Guardian does this by identifying and assisting in repairing weaknesses in your supply chain that, until now, could never be seen on a management level.

Auditing and Investigation Services


GPS Asset Tracking

A small sample yields unmatched visibility

Guardian uses Long-Life GPS tracking units to physically track your returnable container and rack assets around the country.

Through statistical sampling of your returnables, Guardian is able to provide visibility on all of your supplier loops in real time, whether they be 5 miles or 5,000 miles, all without the need for any additional physical or digital infrastructure.

Expert Auditing

Going Further Than the Rest

Guardian's auditing services are always in-person, and done anywhere GPS and its investigations take them.

Guardian's audits and investigations take its experts from your home plant, to Tier 1s, Tier 2's (authorized and unauthorized), carrier yards, abandoned trailers, undisclosed storage hoards, and even to recover stolen assets.

Modern Architecture

Loss Investigations and Recoveries

Guardian's tracking services often take it outside the supply chain, which involves either unauthorized disposal or theft of your containers.

Guardian is experienced in gathering information for the identification and return of assets no matter where your assets may be.

Guardian's assistance has led to multiple domestic and customs property seizures of container assets, and resulted in prosecutions of persons criminally responsible.

Packaging Quality Investigations

A Strong Supply Chain Starts with Strong Containers

Guardian's experts spend their days seeing how containers and racks are abused by carriers and suppliers alike, and they know that durable and affordable containers are central to and effective reverse logistic network.

Guardian performs material and practical container testing that manufacturers won't. These tests involve real-world simulations that provide understandable data on the durability of your containers.

Guardian is there to protect your bottom line on your container fleet, and is your independent professional as it comes to container purchases.

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